July 2018

Breaking News: Colette Barris Meets with Sony Pictures 

Colette Barris and Tony Vinciquerra, CEO of Sony Pictures, met recently to discuss the possibility of creating a Claretta Street television show. Jason Clodfelter, head of Television Production, said he "truly enjoyed the [book] and [I] believe it’s definitely worthy of a series!"

Please check back for more information on this exciting news as it develops.

Claretta Street Audiobook coming soon. 

Colette Barris will be narrating Claretta Street in the upcoming recording of the audiobook. She brings her intimate understanding of the characters and events of the book to the narration, making for a truely special edition of the book.  

The audiobook of Claretta Street is scheduled to be launched in early September, 2018.

March 2018

Mocha Girls Read

Mocha Girls Read has selected Claretta Street as their March Book of the Month! Mocha Girls Read a national book club with chapters throughout America. I am so humbled by this achievement.

Claretta Street appeal is the novel's authentic voices‎. Voices in so many instances that remain unsung in plain sight. Once again-Thank You it takes a village...stay tuned I need you!

February 2018

Claretta Street Book Discussion and Signing 
February 25th, 2018 
Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena, CA  

December 2017

Claretta Street Book Discussion and Signing 
December 9th, 2017 
Zahara's Books, Inglewood CA  

November 2017

Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture

Friday night hanging out with my goddaughter UCLA alum track and field sprinter and sports model Maya Brown at Book Soup, looking for my novel Claretta Street. Humbled to see that only one copy remained for those wanting a 'free lunch time read.'


Claretta Street may be found on the following bookstore shelves

Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena, CA

Book Soup, Hollywood, CA

Zahra's Bookstore, Inglewood, CA

Smiley's Bookstore, Carson, CA

Marcus Bookstore, Oakland, CA

Underground West, Sacramento, CA‎

The Children Of The Sun, Washington D.C.

Sisters Uptown Bookstore, Harlem, NY

Black and Nobel Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA

Underground Bookstore, Chicago, IL

Afriware Books, Maywood, IL

Beyond Barcodes Bookstore, Kokomo, IN

NuBian Books, Morrow, GA

Dare Books, Longwood, FL

Frugal Bookstore, Roxbury, MA